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Branding tips from Mercedes-Benz’s success

Do you question how much of a difference branding makes? Ever tell someone a story about a brand they love? Did they stop what they were doing and tune into your story with complete focus, devouring every single detail? Bet they did. Case in point from an article in The National:

This is how my father reacts every time I talk to him about Mercedes-Benz. The love he feels towards the German car manufacturer cannot be summarised in words. Ever since I was a little girl, this is the car brand he has always chosen to drive. It made no difference if other brands revamped their designs, Mercedes was always the story he tuned in to no matter where he was.

The point is that you can’t be everything to everyone, but you can resonate with the people you choose to, if you tell the story of your brand.

Let us look at the following example: a woman named Fatima sells beautiful handmade garments made by young women who are earning a living to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. They are women who have been through hardship, who refused to be knocked down by all the negativity in their lives.

Surely Fatima could simply say: “Yes, I offer handmade garments”, and leave it at that. That may have worked in the past when, the story behind a business did not matter as much. But that is not the case now in today’s competitive global market.

Here is where proper marketing could help enhance Fatima’s business performance and that of other businesses as well. Advertising the garments as not only handmade, but handmade by her strong, hardworking fellow women would communicate a message that resonates more.

As Fatima reaches out to her audience, she needs to have this question in mind: who is this product or service for?

Is it for women who are already shopping for handmade garments? Or is it for women who strive for success, for the overachievers who do not let anything stand in their way?

As you plan your business, you need to also keep that question in mind: who is it for?

Your branding message needs to target your audience in such a way that your business speaks to them. Ideally, like the writer’s father and Mercedes, the message is so compelling that they wouldn’t even consider a competitor’s product. 

Scent is compelling and primal. A scent can evoke feelings and past memories. That is why we say “Every Brand Needs A Scent”, including yours. Call 3B International today.


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